cnWave V3000 Client Node, 60 GHz, Radio Only

cnWave V3000 Client Node, 60 GHz, Radio Only

 60GHz cnWave V3000 Client Node Radio Only


Cambium Networks’ 60 GHz cnWave solution provides easy, fast and cost-effective wireless gigabit connectivity for edge access and/or high capacity backhaul for edge access solutions at a significantly lower TCO than fibre infrastructure. Service providers and enterprises now have access to gigabit for business and residential connectivity, backhaul for Wi-Fi access or LTE/5G small cell. Certified for Facebook Terragraph, cnWave mesh solutions are highly efficient at handling high-density deployments in cities and suburban areas.

V3000 is featured with a 44.5 dBi high-gain antenna with beamforming. The client nodes can support up to 7.6 Gbps with channel bonding for both PMP and PTP configurations.


Product features:

·                     Supports 57 to 66 GHz

·                     Up to 7.6 Gbps (3.8 Gbps UL and 3.8 Gbps DL) with channel bonding

·                     Easy installation with auto-beamforming

·                     Low latency < 1 ms

802.11ay technology with Terragraph certification

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