Stores generally draw heavy foot traffic, making it a challenge for retailers to keep customers and employees safe from unexpected incidents. “In addition, the ability to promptly react to accidents and events is another priority to consider when choosing a retail solution. Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet Retail Solution can help retailers provide customers and employees with a safe environment whilst offering customers a pleasant and relaxed shopping experience,” says Clifton Greeff, National Surveillance Business Manager at Duxbury Networking, a distributor of Hanwha Techwin’s security technology in South Africa.

Wisenet cameras can be paired with Wisenet business intelligence solutions to collect in-store data for efficient store management. Strategies incorporating customer data can help increase sales and reduce the cost leading to a higher operating revenue. Some of the features of the Hanwha retail solution include:

  • Customer traffic pattern analytics that collect meaningful in-store data

  • Customer flow and retention time analytics that help plan effective product displays

  • Customer queue analytics that allow effective employee allocation.

Wisenet retail solutions include the Q mini series (QND-6021, 6011, 8021 and 8011 models)that are extremely compact, aesthetically-pleasing and unobtrusive. At just 99 mm, the Q mini line-up is approximately 40% smaller than its predecessor.

Tamper-proof Q mini cameras have business intelligence features, including people counting, that help retailers to them run their stores more effectively. By integrating the cameras with Hanwha’s Retail Insight software, users can analyse data collected from multiple stores and gain insight for successful store operation and resource investment.

Wisenet Retail Insight not only counts the number of visitors in real time but also offers age and gender analytics (when integrated with an AI P-series camera), providing insightful information to store owners. “Wisenet Retail Insight allows retail store owners to plan their marketing campaigns according to their customers’ gender, age group. Together with the Q mini series cameras, this platform provides retailers with the tools they need to increase turnover and decrease losses,” says Greeff.

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