Duxbury Networking has been appointed as a distributor for Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet security technology in South Africa.

Hanwha Techwin, previously known as Samsung Techwin, manufactured its first surveillance camera in 1990 and has been focused on the video surveillance business for the past three decades. The company has developed a full line-up of video surveillance products that include cameras and storage devices, as well as integrated control and intelligent video analysis software, using its top-tier optical design, manufacturing and image-processing technologies. The company is focused on taking advantage of next-generation technologies that include Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence.

Hanwha Techwin’s signature Wisenet brand covers a range of network and analogue cameras; vertical specialised cameras; smart home cameras; recording solutions; lenses, encoders and decoders; and all-in-one solutions.

Quality technology

Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet solutions are enhanced with four technology elements:

  • Wide dynamic range (WDR). This is especially useful during daytime when the inside of the building is darker than on the outside or when a car is approaching with its headlights on.

  • extraLUX. Generating high-quality images in low-light conditions is especially important for network-based video surveillance cameras. SSNR (Hanwha Techwin’s low-light image processing technology) provides clear colour images in dark environments by effectively reducing the noise and by minimising the afterimage of objects.

  • WiseStream II. Wisenet’s video compression technology effectively reduces data size by more than 50% (when used with H.264 codec) while maintaining image quality.

  • AI. Wisenet P Series AI cameras differentiate what they see into broad categories such as ‘person’, ‘face’ licence plate’ and ‘vehicle’ and then further, using AI algorithms, accurately identify the various attributes of an object.

Hanwha Techwin has carefully analysed the specific needs of various vertical customer markets such as retail, safe cities, banking, transportation and smart factories and devised customised solutions that increase security and safety levels, enhance productivity and reduce downtime, where applicable.

“This makes the Wisenet brand a very attractive one for our clients in these sectors and clearly complements our current range of surveillance, networking and cyber-security solutions,” said Clifton Greeff, National Surveillance Business Manager at Duxbury Networking. 

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