The launch of Cudy’s affordable routers by Duxbury Networking in November was met with enthusiasm by the market. “The response has been so good that we are now rolling out further additions to the range, which originally included the WR2100 and WR1300 Cudy AC1200 dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi routers,” says Paul Stuttard, Cape Town branch manager for Duxbury – distributors of Cudy networking technology in South Africa.

All Cudy desktop routers are TR-069 technology-enabled, allowing service providers and ISPs to perform remote and safe configuration of customer premises equipment (CPE).


MF4 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi router

The MF4 uses the latest generation of 4G LTE technology to achieve speeds of up to 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload. “It’s easy to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect up to 10 devices, including phones, laptops, tablets and game consoles with this compact pocket router. The powerful, rechargeable 2000 mAh battery provides up to 7 hours of operation to help you stay connected, making it a perfect travel companion” says Stuttard.


LT500 – 4G LTE AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi router

The LT500 router allows you to connect via Wi-Fi with a maximum speed of 867Mbps on 5GHz and 300Mbps on 2.4GHz to enjoy gaming and streaming.

“The WAN/LAN port can be configured as a WAN or LAN port. When working in LAN mode, LT500 is considered a normal 4G LTE router. While working on WAN mode, LT500 maintains 4G and WAN connections simultaneously and provides Internet preferentially to reduce 4G mobile data tariffs,” says Stuttard.

Some of the features of the LT500 include:

·        SMS function support send and receive message on webpage

·        OpenVPN/WireGuard/PPTP/L2TP VPN clients help build reliable connections

·        DNS encryption over Cloudflare, NextDNS or Google protect privacy

·        Support 20+ DDNS for remote management.


WR1300 – AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi router

The WR1300 includes a USB port and has a signal rate of 867Mbps (5 GHz) and 300Mbps (2.4 GHz). In spite of boasting Gigabit Ethernet ports and a Dual Core processor normally only found in the higher-end models, this entry-level router is an extremely cost-effective option for budget-sensitive users..


WR2100 – AC2100 Dual-Band Wi-Fi router

The WR2100 router provides smooth streaming and downloading with up to 2.1 Gbps speed. Some of the features include:

·        Large flash/DDR design to improve the capacity and efficiency of your network, allowing more devices to connect, without slowing down your Wi-Fi.

·        Dynamic DNS function solves the issue of changing residential IP addresses. By assigning a custom domain name to your home router’s IP address, DDNS function will update automatically as your home IP continues to change. Compatible with more than 15 DDNS providers.

·        5 x 10/100/1000Mbps ports, allow you to greatly expand your network capacity, enabling instant transferring of large files.


X6 – AX1800 4-Stream Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 router

The AX1800 X6 router contains a powerful Dual-Core CPU to ensure smooth 4K UHD streaming to smart TVs, mobile devices and gaming consoles, without buffering.

“The latest cutting-edge Wi-Fi security protocol— WPA3 provides more secure and individualised encryption in personal password safety, protecting your network from wireless hacking,” says Stuttard.

Features include:

·        Up to 1.8Gbps Wi-Fi 6 speed

·        Wi-Fi 6 uses OFDMA to improve capacity and efficiency of your network, so more devices can connect without slowing down your Wi-Fi.

·        Extensive Coverage: Beamforming, independent FEM, and four antennas combine to deliver focused reception to remote devices.

·        Pre-installed VPN.

·        Backward compatible with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and earlier generation Wi-Fi standards.

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