As High Dynamic Range (HDR) video technology becomes more common, the need for high-performance wireless connectivity becomes more critical to accommodate the higher throughput requirements.

With millions of wireless broadband modules deployed around the world, Cambium Networks solutions are proven to work in any climate or application. Cambium devices are commonly deployed in mission critical networks and designed for 99.999% or greater reliability.

Adding to the security of Cambium Networks’ wireless connectivity solutions are the following additional features:

       128-bit AES encryption

       Multi-level user authentication

       256-bit AES encryption

       Remote password maintenance.

“Wireless technology means there is no need for time-consuming and expensive trenching or right-of-way issues that cause inconvenience and delay. Single camera solutions can be installed in a matter of hours, and major deployments in weeks,” says Teresa Huysamen, Wireless Business Unit Executive at Duxbury Networking, local distributors of Cambium technology.

Cambium also offers PMP and PTP products with 802.3at PoE out auxiliary ports to provide data and power connections directly to security cameras to eliminate the additional cable, simplifying installation.

“Cambium Networks’ PMP and PTP solutions provide flexible design options, with products supporting hub and spoke or linear architecture to support all types of deployment scenarios,” says Huysamen.

Free LINKPlanner software removes guesswork from planning and provides a comprehensive model of RF and system performance to be sure that the system works right the first time when installed.

The cnMaestro™ management system provides a bird’s eye view of the entire end-to-end communications network, enables rapid on-boarding and provisioning of new nodes, and offers detailed fault and alarm management.

Applications include public safety, traffic monitoring, asset monitoring, vandalism deterrence, theft prevention and employee safety.

The Cambium connectivity solutions include:

       Wide-Area Point-to-Multipoint

       Licensed, unlicensed, and public safety frequencies

       High-capacity long –range Point-to-Point backhaul

       Licensed microwave and unlicensed backhaul

       Single pane of glass network management

       Bird’s eye view of field network

       Rapid on-boarding and provisioning of new nodes

       End-to-end performance and fault management

       Centralised password management and firmware updates.


“Cambium Networks technology ensures high throughput in noisy environments. This is achieved through the following features:

       Beam forming and beam steering – isolates the signal from ambient noise to maximise throughput

       Frequency re-use – maximises the use of available frequency across thousands of users

       Intelligent filtering – automatically suppresses noise in adjacent channels to improve signal quality

       High capacity multipoint – allows for multiple nodes to connect to a single master radio,” says Huysamen.

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