Enterprises and broadband service providers thrive when their highly complex wireless environments are simple to plan, deploy and manage. Cambium Networks provides network management software and applications including cloud management, network service applications, heatmaps, RF planning and other tools designed to do just that, and at scale.

“A choice of public cloud, private cloud and on-premises deployment options and pricing models means compelling economics for small to large enterprise environments, managed service providers, and large operators managing thousands of disparate wireless devices and client networks across a continent,” says Teresa Huysamen, Wireless Business Unit Executive at Duxbury Networking, local distributors of Cambium Networks technology.

cnMaestro X is a simple, yet sophisticated, network management solution for Cambium Networks wireless and wired solutions. The system offers elastic scalability and a single-pane-of-glass management to deliver secure, end-to-end network and wireless lifecycle management to simplify operations and ongoing maintenance.

cnMaestro X supports advanced management capabilities bundled with Cambium Care Pro for 24x7 technical support, accelerated access to L2 engineers and regular software updates and upgrades for advanced features. These advanced features include:

·        Managed service provider dashboard: MSPs can differentiate their brand to address specific sub-markets in their service area. The multi-tier customisation gives the MSP tenant cloud tools to create an additional layer of guest portal customisation – all managed from the cloud. MSP views consolidate the MSP tenant statistics, while allowing the MSP to drill down and support a tenant directly, without impacting data from other tenants or end users on the system. Support for up to 200 managed accounts.

·        Restful APIs and webhooks for integration with existing OSS/ BSS systems and event monitoring.

·        Long-term historical data: two-year data retention for FWB and one-year data retention for enterprise and IIoT devices.

·        A rich suite of reporting tools complements the longer-term data retention. cnMaestro X reports are customisable, detailed, and can be run manually or scheduled. A wide range of performance and reliability metrics can be measured, reported, and easily exported.

·        Support for 2K enterprise Wi-Fi PSKs at the AP, and 50K per account.

·        Advanced captive portal capabilities: 500 portals, 30 000 max vouchers, one-year client login history.

·        Monitor Wi-Fi performance from client or AP to cnMaestro X.

·        Futureproof with the Wi-Fi 6E Migration Assistant. As the market and local regulations evolve, more Wi-Fi 6E APs will be deployed, and the number of Wi-Fi 6E capable clients on the network will increase. cnMaestro X monitors all the connected devices and recommends when it may be appropriate to switch Software Defined Radios (SDR) from 5 to 6 GHz.

·        Rogue device detection and wireless intrusion detection has been enhanced with cnMaestro X. Rogue devices are detected and various information gathered such as SSID, channel, RSSI, and the nearest network AP.

·        Application visibility at the edge adds vital edge intelligence in the network. cnMaestro X offers visibility into over 2 400 different applications. Operators will have access to application history at a site level, but also right down to client devices.

·        Bulk configuration and concurrent jobs improve operator efficiency. cnMaestro X allows administrators to configure devices in bulk by importing a single .csv file. Maintenance is also sped up allowing various jobs such as software updates or configuration changes to be executed in parallel and run concurrently instead of in a serial queue.

·        Improve client history tracking with cnMaestro X. Client tracking now extends up to seven days, allowing operators to monitor client Wi-Fi capabilities and performance, band, SSID, RSSI, SNR, and more.

·        Wi-Fi site floorplans are no longer limited to a single floor. cnMaestro X supports multi-level floorplans and integrates additional metadata, paving the way for Wi-Fi heat map support launching soon.

·        Installers benefit from cnMaestro X with the innovative PMP and ePMP Installation Summary feature. In conjunction with Cambium’s cnArcher mobile installation app, cnMaestro X simplifies installation by automatically importing information direct from cnArcher to cnMaestro X. Details are captured for each installation, including site pictures. Data such as the RSSI, network configuration, firmware version and the specific installation technician is now easily accessible from cnMaestro X.

Other key features include:

·        Built for scale and security at all levels: Devices connect to cnMaestro cloud using SSL-enabling deployments without changes to the firewall configuration. Cambium Intelligent edge architecture enables fault-tolerant networks where the network continues to operate even when the cloud is unreachable due to a WAN outage. With cnMaestro, you can manage networks with up to thousands of sites and up to 10 000 devices.

·        Zero-touch provisioning: Create, provision, monitor and manage the entire network of wireless and wired devices from a single dashboard login with key performance metrics, alarms and alerts. The cloud-first UI design is easy to learn and apply across the portfolio. This helps network administrators simplify operations and deliver an optimal client experience.

·        Deployment flexibility and TCO: Choice of public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises deployment with best TCO. cnMaestro helps lower operating cost and accelerate return on investment by not requiring Wi-Fi controllers, which reduces the complexity and cost of deploying Wi-Fi networks.

·        Supports network hierarchy, which enables easy configuration, monitoring and debugging at network nodes and decreasing operational costs. This especially becomes critical for large or small distributed networks with small on-site IT staff.

·        With centralised visibility and control for Cambium Networks’ wireless and wired products, network administrators can quickly and easily deploy networks with minimal training. Troubleshooting tools such as ping, traceroute, throughput, and live packet captures are included. Furthermore, cnMaestro X enhances packet capture functionality by creating filters that can be applied to packet capture files, improving remote troubleshooting capabilities.

·        Provides a bird’s-eye view of network health with insights on performance, connectivity and client experience. Administrators can quickly identify potential trouble spots and drill down from network to client-level details. 

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