An Australian company that develops specialised geophysical systems that collect high-quality data through mobile gravimeters, and provides associated expertise to customers undertaking airborne or marine gravity surveys relied on Navigateworx to provide a solution to a pressing communication problem.

The company’s gravimeters can be easily installed in a wide variety of aircraft and can be remotely operated from the company’s head office in Perth, Western Australia.

“The customer wanted to remotely access gravimeters installed in a helicopter, but as the gravimeter’s specialised software runs in MS-DOS, they were unable to use or install any RDP/VNC software on the system. The gravimeter also had no hardwired line connection to the ground after the helicopter was airborne, so it was a big challenge to remotely access the gravimeter and perform data collection in real-time during the flight,” says Tobie van Schalkwyk, product manager for Navigateworx solutions at Duxbury Networking.

Navigateworx’s solution entailed the installation of an NR500 router. The gravimeter is installed in the helicopter and connects to the NR500. The customer then uses a KVM-IP box, that is also connected to the NR500, to enable full screen and keyboard access for the gravimeter system.

The NR500 establishes a VPN tunnel with the office VPN server. “This means that from anywhere in the world, the customer can remotely access the gravimeter system through the VPN network,” says Van Schalkwyk. “The customer can access Windows, which then allows uploading of data to their office and any other configuration of the sensor they may require. They can also access the Navigateworx GPS, thermal stabilisation and all other devices required, that can be easily plugged in by technicians on the ground.”

The NR500 is perfect for mission-critical applications, especially where harsh environments are the norm. “It’s important to note that in scenarios like this, where security is a prime concern, the NR500 supports multiple encryption tunnels and has a firewall that prevents unsafe and unauthorised access,” Van Schalkwyk points out.

 The NR500 LTE VPN routers are extremely flexible, with high EMC level design, that allows the rapid connection of equipment and the provision of internet access to enable remote communication at any time. They provide reliable, low-latency communication between machines and data or control centres. Dual-SIM capabilities are provided for complete redundancy, with the ability to switch cellular links between different 4G mobile data carriers.

The NR500 routers are supplied in a compact metal casing to enable easy mounting and the connection manager ensures quick and seamless communication. Navigateworx NR500  industrial cellular VPN routers enable wireless data connectivity over public and private LTE cellular networks. The NR500 routers have dual SIM backup, 2 or 4 Ethernet ports and Serial to IP communication ports.

“Navigateworx helps engineers monitor real-time operation of their equipment, quickly respond to faults, and plan for preventative maintenance. All these equate to savings in both manpower and operational costs,” says Van Schalkwyk.

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