PTP 670 Basic HCMP Upgrade Key (Per AP)

PTP 670 Basic HCMP Upgrade Key (Per AP)

PTP 670 Basic High-Capacity Multipoint upgrade license.

Upgrade the PTP 670 to enable High-Capacity Multipoint when required. 


With the PTP 670, operators now have the flexibility to deploy not only in Point to Point topologies but also in High-Capacity Multipoint (HCMP) Applications. HCMP allows up to eight remote nodes to connect to a single master radio. This opens up new deployment models that enable rapid deployment, simplify planning and by using the same hardware regardless of topology a rapid return on investment in equipment and training.

Whether your organization is an enterprise, government agency or service provider, PTP 670 systems are ideal solutions for a wide array of applications such as T1/E1 and fibre replacements or extensions, video surveillance backhaul, LTE, macro-cell & small-cell backhaul, last-mile access, disaster recovery, network redundancy and building-to-building campus connectivity.

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