ME4 Squid cable 2Eth (1POE), USB RoHS.

ME4 Squid cable 2Eth (1POE), USB RoHS.

ME4 Standard Squid Cable Assembly

 The majority of the signals and features of the BreadCrumb® ME4 can be accessed through the 26-pin Amphenol connector on the enclosure, which interfaces to the optional ME4 squid cable assembly to provide access to input power, Ethernet, and USB ports of the device.


ME4 Squid Cable Features

           Provides 2 standard RJ-45 Ethernet connectors

          Includes 1 USB port

          Fully sealed IP67 (6: Dust-tight, 7: Waterproof) design

          LTW watertight connections

      RoHS and non-RoHS options available

      2Eth (1PoE), USB RoHS (ME4)

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