BreadCrumb LX5 Accessories

LX5 Flat Plate Mounting Kit

LX5 Flat Mounting Plate Kit LX5 Flat Plate Mounting Kit can be used mount the BreadCrumb LX5 LX5 Flat Mounting Plate Kit: Contains flat plate and mounting hardware:·         Use the four (4) supplied bolts to attach the BreadCrumb LX 5 to the Flat Plate·         Use the two (2) supplied U-bolts and ..

LX5 On/Off Switch Guard

LX5 On/Off Switch GuardTo help protect the switch boots, Rajant offers a metal cover that secures to the case and protects the power switch and reset/zeroized push button.Switch boots can become damaged by direct high pressure power washing, rough usage, and in some cases wildlife.Note: Switch guard..

LX5 Pole Mounting Plate Kit

LX5 Pole Mount Kit An LX5 Pole Mount Kit can be used to mount an LX5 BreadCrumb. The kit includes a mounting plate and pole mount bracket with U-Bolts...

LX5 Squid Cable, 1 M12 (X-F) Ethernet, 1 USB

LX5 Squid Cable 1-Ethernet M12 LX5 Squid Cable 1- Ethernet M12 X-Code Female and 1-USB LX5 Squid Cable Features• Provides 1 Ethernet M12 X-Code Female connector• Includes 1 USB port• Fully sealed IP67 (6: Dust-tight, 7: Waterproof) design• LTW watertight connections..

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