Account Applications

Become an Accredited Duxbury Networking Reseller

Duxbury Networking is constantly on the look-out for suitably qualified dealers to add to its growing core of accredited resellers. Our aim is to expand the Duxbury footprint throughout sub-Saharan Africa, offering market-leading products and advanced solutions to forward-thinking customers keen to take advantage of the latest trends and technologies.

As a reseller, Duxbury Networking is geared to offer you a comprehensive product range backed by pre- and post-sales support and the highest levels of technical backup. What’s more, professional hands-on technology training from Duxbury is available to equip your staff with the in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to keep abreast of evolving business demands in our ever-changing world.

Duxbury Networking is Strictly Trade-Only

Our promise to our clients is that we do not compete with them for business; as such our registration process is very strict and requires that you supply us with the necessary documents and company information to confirm that you are a IT hardware and software reseller. We will not supply to companies whose core function falls outside of the IT hardware and software services umbrella.

How it Works

Once you have downloaded and completed the relevant account application forms and submitted them with the required supporting documentation to, your application will be vetted to ensure that the core function of your business is the resale of IT hardware and software.

Should your application be successful, your details will be used to open the respective account and loaded into our system. Once the account application process is complete, you will receive an e-mail from Duxbury Networking with your log in details for our website and a step by step guide on how to place orders.


To apply for cash purchase facilities, please download and complete the form.


To apply for account facilities please, download and complete the form.