Advanced security
built inside your
networking stack.

Versa Security increases protection for your on-premises, branch, or cloud applications and simplifies the interoperability of security and networking. Built inside of Versa SASE, Versa Security delivers a full suite of network security capabilities that are all centrally managed through a single pane of glass: allowing you to get visibility and enforce policies in real-time.

Versa enhances the SASE platform by offering next-generation firewall (NGFW), secure remote access, and unified threat management (UTM) services that protects application and user activity across the enterprise WAN, branch, and private or public clouds. Organizations can finally secure their enterprise-wide networking while increasing multi-cloud application performance and dramatically driving down costs.

Attack Surface Grows with Network and Cloud Sprawl

While the branch office has become an increasing area of cyber security risk over the last several years, many enterprises are not able to budget or support the needed security infrastructure. Add in the proliferation of managing branch sites, cloud applications, mobile and remote workers, unmanaged devices, organizations are facing an ever-growing attack surface.

Deploying advanced security in networks is often a challenge as well with organizations lacking sufficient IT personnel and skillset making the integration of 3rd party security products difficult and costly. Enterprise IT and security teams have the opportunity to both increase network security and simplify operations by migrating from proprietary security appliances to a software-defined approach that is directly embedded into your network: making security deployment and integration a non-issue.

Increase Security, Reduce Cost, Deploy Everywhere

Versa Security embedded into our flagship product, Versa SASE, gives organizations critical capabilities such as multi-tenancy, multi-service, elasticity and zero-touch provisioning. Multi-service capabilities and service chaining ensure that organizations can include critical security functions like next-generation firewall and secure web gateway that is easily integrated into their existing network infrastructure.

Versa has created broad set of virtualized security functions that run on commodity x86-based hardware, and that are open and fully programmable. Providers can create basic managed firewall services or rich multi-function services like unified threat management (UTM) that replace complex physical or virtual appliances. These services can operate on-premises, in the provider data center or cloud, public cloud or a combination of all. All of the security functionality is embedded directly into the network stacking: making Versa more cost effective than 3rd party or proprietary security hardware or software packages.

Reduce the Risk of a Data Breach

Versa reduces the overall attack surface of your organization by ensuring that only safe traffic is allowed access to your sensitive systems, applications, and devices. Users can be granted access privileges based on their role and attack signatures can be identified to spot suspicious or malicious threats in or out of the network.

Versa Security enables organization to stop hackers and malicious actors in their tracks with next generation firewall, unified threat management, intrusion detection and protection, anti-virus, secure VPN, and more all directly built into the flagship SASE offering.

Increase IT and Security Agility

IT and security agility increase with zero-touch provisioning that enables deployment of a multi-function Versa security solution within hours. Compare this deployment time with 3rd party security solutions that require weeks or months required to install and integrate multiple proprietary security appliances.

Versa Security uses built-in service chaining to easily integrate with existing security software and appliances. Ongoing operations are simplified through the Versa Director management platform, which provides a single console and set of policies across all Versa security functions. Capacity increases are dynamically provisioned through Versa Director, as are new security functions.

Lower TCO for Branch Security

Versa enables IT and security teams to design new branch security architectures at significantly lower capital costs. Rather than using proprietary hardware appliances, Versa is deployed on low-cost commodity appliances.

Operational costs are reduced through central management and zero-touch provisioning, which eliminate deployment truck rolls and greatly simplify ongoing operations such as software updates and capacity expansion.