AC POE, 48V-50W, 1G, indoor

ME4/LX5 AC PoE Injector with 802.3 AT/AF protectionRajant Passive Power Over Ethernet injector, compatible with ME4 and LX5 BreadCrumbs. 120/240VAC input 50/60Hz – 1.02A48VDC output – 1.04A+Vdc pins 4/5, Return -Vdc pins 7/8..

ES1 cable, USB Type A and zeroize switch to M8

ES1 Cable & SwitchES1 cable, USB Type A and zeroize switch to M8..

ES1 cable, USB Type A to M8

ES1 CableES1 cable, USB Type A to M8..

ES1 DIN Rail Mounting Kit

ES1 DIN Rail Mounting KitES1 DIN Rail Mounting Kit includes M4 machine screws, washers, lock washers, nuts, DIN rail mounting bracket and 35 mm top hat DIN rail clip....

ES1 RJ45 (M) sealed, 5-pack

ES1 Cable & SwitchES1 cable, USB Type A and zeroize switch to M8..

FE1 Pole Mounting Kit

Peregrine / Hawk FE1 pole mount kit, includes screws and U-bolt..

GPS Receiver, IP67 industrial, M12 USB, 2m cable

Industrial Outdoor IP67 Rated GPSRugged, Weatherized Industrial Armored Outdoor GPS Receiver Industrial Outdoor IP67 Rated GPS Key Features• GPS provides superior performance in rugged and challenging areas like urban canyons and dense foliage•IP67 rated rigid ASA plastic housing is designed to with..

LX5 Flat Plate Mounting Kit

LX5 Flat Mounting Plate Kit LX5 Flat Plate Mounting Kit can be used mount the BreadCrumb LX5 LX5 Flat Mounting Plate Kit: Contains flat plate and mounting hardware:·         Use the four (4) supplied bolts to attach the BreadCrumb LX 5 to the Flat Plate·         Use the two (2) supplied U-bolts and ..

LX5 On/Off Switch Guard

LX5 On/Off Switch GuardTo help protect the switch boots, Rajant offers a metal cover that secures to the case and protects the power switch and reset/zeroized push button.Switch boots can become damaged by direct high pressure power washing, rough usage, and in some cases wildlife.Note: Switch guard..

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