Advanced Network Access Control
Solutions: Simple and Secure

Granular Policy Control from the Edge to the Datacenter into the Multicloud
Data Center

Control users and devices across your networks with granular visibility and in-depth control.

  • Single pane of glass
  • Context-based control
  • Simple, secure onboarding

Enable Secure Guests and IoT Access

Customizing onboarding of guests and IoT devices is easy and secure with predefined templates for non-IT personnel

Ensure Consistent Policies Across the Network

Enables consistent policy roll-out across the entire network

Reduce Security Vulnerabilities

Enhances security with agent-based and agentless assessment option

Traditional NAC

Several tools for wired and wireless
Cumbersome onboarding
Limited profiling
Simple policies
Rudimentary IoT management


Single pane of glass for wired and wireless
Secure, simple onboarding
Detailed profiling with access and app analytics data
Context-based policies
Policies based on security posture of IoT devices


ExtremeControl Technical Specifications

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