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We have developed a complete portfolio of mmWave fixed 5G solutions to deliver fiber performance wirelessly.
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Siklu Millimeter Wave Technology In a Nutshell

Siklu’s Millimeter wave (mmWave) products operate in the 60, 70/80GHz frequency bands. These bands features inherent very narrow-beams with over 24Ghz of available spectrum. These characteristics translate into reliable, interference-free, high-capacity connectivity. Siklu takes advantage of these native benefits for our customers.

We Have It All

As the potential applications continue to expand, no one set of products can meet all the disparate requirements. Only Siklu has the complete portfolio that can meet and exceed these needs.


Our Hundred series are both V band and E band PTP radios but packaged in a very small form factor for street level deployments.


Our Kilo series of E band PTP products have up to 10Gbps Full Duplex capacity and are typicaly deployed on towers and rooftops.


Our PtMP MultiHaul™ system delivers multi-gigabit per second services in a form factor even smaller than the Hundred Series.

All of these systems also need a battery of software support and Siklu has what customers need. Siklu provides a full suite of software and tools to support design, installation and operation of these increasingly dense and complex networks.

Our software portfolio consists of:

  • SaaS SmartHaul™ EMS
  • SmartHaul™ WiNDE Network Design Tool
  • SmartHaul™ Link Budget Calculator
  • SmartHaul™ Financial Analysis Calculator

As a result, Siklu is able to offer:

  • The longest range in the industry
  • Custom high gain, cost effective solutions
  • Patented beam steering implementation in PtMP configuration
  • Small form factor products for easier site acquisition
  • Exceptional range of frequency support in each product
  • Low power operation

About Siklu

Siklu was founded with a goal to develop, build, and deliver the best mmWave wireless connectivity radios on the planet, bringing high speed Gigabit connectivity to the world.

It is a Gigabit World and mmWave has been recognised as the wireless technology that can deliver the required gigabits/sq mile the market is demanding. Siklu Communications is a pioneer and a leader in the mmWave (60GHz - V Band, 70/80GHz - E Band) market since 2008. With over 38 patents Siklu has been at the forefront of both the massive $/bit reduction and the performance improvements the industry has seen over the past ten years.

From a 1Gbps link at $20k to today’s offering of 10Gbps for $10k, the industry has made major strides and Siklu has been leading the market for over ten years.