ExtremeCloud™ IQ for
Network Automation,
Insight, and Assurance.

Create End-to-End Effortless Networking Experiences with ExtremeCloud™ IQ.

Astonishingly Easy. Incredibly Smart.

Designed to streamline every aspect of your network from deployment to maintenance, ExtremeCloud™ IQ has been built with the human element in mind, helping IT and business focus on what's really important to them instead of dealing with menial and time consuming operational tasks.

Key benefits of ExtremeCloud™ IQ include:

  • Client, Device, & Network 360
  • Unified Policy Management
  • Network Health KPIs

Machine learning derived data insights help IT easily identify and monitor network operational state at a glance.

Extreme Cloud IQ

Your Network. Your Way.

Complete Solution Flexibility with ExtremeCloud IQ

Through value-based licensing/SaaS tiering, Extreme Networks is making it even easier for you to grow as you go, both in a technical and commercial sense. We offer the most flexible, feature-rich, application tiers tailored to every business, budget, and IT needs, that delivers the management, intelligence and assurance your business requires.

Extreme Cloud IQ Tiers