• Organisations need to deliver top-notch online experiences, with a minimum of resources. With Cambium Networks’ comprehensive portfolio of wireless, wired, security and SD-WAN solutions, you can deploy technology that works seamlessly. Cambium’s solutions deliver outstanding user experiences across your enterprise operation, enabling you to focus on your business and applications rather than individual network elements.

    Cambium’s approach to building networks leverages its decades-long foundation of providing wireless network solutions that deliver:

    ·       One converged IT experience that simplifies operations.

    ·       Best in class operational efficiency delivered by intelligent automation.

    ·       Consistently predictable performance enabled by application optimisation.

    Cambium’s One IT Experience with common management includes:

    ·       cnMaestro X™ single-cloud or on-premises dashboard. This is true cloud or local management for Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and broadband, with MSP control.

    ·       Network Service Edge security services for security, routing, and SD-WAN policies for enterprises. This includes the NSE 3000 firewall.

    ·       Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi solutions.

    ·       Wireless backbone (multi-gigabit 60 GHz 802.11ay).

    ·       Switching. 8/24/48 ports GE, PoE+, and SFP+ with integrated policy-based automation.

    “The Cambium One Network Solution comprises several user benefits, including simple and sophisticated management with cnMaestro; robust enterprise security with the NSE Service Edge NSE 3000; scalable high-density Wi-Fi allowing greater coverage; high-performance proven multi-gigabit wireless backhaul solutions; and wireless optimised switching solutions for increased network efficiency,” says Teresa Huysamen, Wireless Business Unit Executive
    at Duxbury Networking, local distributors of Cambium Networks technology.

    She adds that “With a comprehensive solution like Cambium’s One Network, customers can benefit from a simplified and unified solution stack. Using a single vendor with an end-to-end solution provides a level of supply chain security, compared to having to rely on multiple vendors to supply various products. Furthermore, using a unified solution stack, which may include Wi-Fi, switching, and NSE allows operators to manage all their equipment in a single platform without the need for multiple network management systems to be deployed. The benefits herein are compounded by the reduced need for training engineers, who can specialise on a single platform instead of requiring certification across multiple vendors.”


    NSE 3000 — SME SD-WAN and network security solution

    The NSE 3000 has two WAN ports and four LAN ports, and offers reliable connectivity with WAN throughputs of up to 1 Gbps. It boasts an industry-leading IDS/IPS engine, advanced application and geo-IP firewalls, LAN vulnerability assessment, IoT fingerprinting, SD-WAN, and cutting-edge application visibility, and control.

    NSE 3000 is managed by the easy-to-use, secure and cloud-hosted Cambium Networks cnMaestro™ management system. Key features of the NSE3000 include:

      • SD-WAN and traffic engineering — Load balance traffic and prioritise business-critical applications.
      • Security services — Protects the network access from both external and internal threats.
      • Network services — DHCP, DNS and Radius servers.
      • Remote connectivity — Enable remote workers to log in to network securely from any device with the help of both site-to-site VPN, and client VPN. 
      • Analytics — Comprehensive overview and security analysis of all the devices on the network via cloud management platform. 

    The IDP/IPS engine, which can operate in either detection or prevention mode, uses a series of rules that help define a malicious network activity and supports rules from Snort and Emerging threats. The solution supports both community and licensed rules and uses these rules to find packets that match against them and then generates alerts for users.

    Huysamen says: “Duxbury work with both its suppliers, like Cambium, and customers to mitigate network risks. We can even offer block hours to actively consult and assist in network operations, or back-to-back SLAs, in which we effectively function as a customer’s technical staff. In this way, we can define the most optimal solution to networking challenges.”

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