The network is your platform of engagement for clients and staff. ExtremeCloud is a resilient and scalable cloud-based network management solution offered by Extreme Networks as a subscription service that provides full-stack management of wireless access points, switches, and routers, and enables onboarding, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting, and more.

ExtremeCloud has been designed to provide superior user experience by empowering you and the applications that drive your business. The combination of Extreme Networks’ smart wired and wireless edges and the elasticity, resilience and scalability provided via state-of-the-art data centres — distributed strategically for worldwide availability — allows you to respond to the changing needs of your business, at the speed of cloud, through a simple, multi-site aware user interface.

AI and Machine Learning derived insights drive a comprehensive visual dashboard of location, devices, and users. ExtremeCloud includes Comparative Analytics to anonymously compare operational and performance metrics against other cloud customers of a similar size and industry.

ExtremeCloud IQ™ analyses and interprets millions of network and user data points, from the network edge to the data centre, to power actionable business and IT insights, and deliver new levels of network automation and intelligence. It operates on Extreme’s fourth generation Cloud Services architecture, capable of supporting millions of infrastructure devices and hundreds of millions of clients per regional data centre.

All Extreme Cloud Services components are hosted in secure SOC Type 1 data centres with 24/7 monitoring, scheduled backups, and built-in disaster recovery capabilities. The ExtremeCloud IQ offers rapid feature velocity, increased availability, and advanced flexibility desired for modern access network management. ExtremeCloud IQ cloud platform conforms to ISO/IEC 27017 and is certified by DQS to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27701 by the International Standards Organization (ISO).


What can Extreme Cloud IQ do for you?

1.      Centralised management:

With cloud management, network administrators can manage and monitor their network from a centralised location, which can help simplify network management tasks, reduce administrative overhead, and improve visibility and control over the network. This can be particularly important for organisations with multiple locations or remote workers, as it can help ensure that all users have consistent access.

2.      Application visibility and control:

Visibility and control of application usage for professional and recreational applications and network services. Ensures that the business-critical applications are performing optimally.

3.      Scalability:

Cloud management enables organisations to scale their network infrastructure more easily and quickly, without the need to invest in additional hardware or software. This can help organisations respond to changing business needs or growth more efficiently, and can help reduce the cost and complexity of network expansion.

4.      Flexibility:

Cloud management can also provide greater flexibility and agility in terms of network configuration and management. Administrators can easily configure and deploy new network services, such as VPNs or firewalls, without having to physically access each network device. This can help organisations respond more quickly to security threats or other network issues, and can improve network performance and uptime.

5.      Remote access:

With cloud management, network administrators can access and manage their network from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. This can be particularly important for organisations with remote workers or for network administrators who need to manage the network from off-site locations.

6.      Improve network effectiveness:

Anonymously compare operational and performance-based metrics to those of other organisations of a similar size and industry. Comparative analytics provides insight into how you can improve your network and device configuration in line with global trends and developing threats.

7.      Easy to deploy:

Zero-touch deployment, automatically apply configuration policies to users, switches, routers, and access points. Capabilities include:

o   Guest access functionality.

o   Device templates for switches, routers, and APs.

o   Act as RADIUS server or RADIUS proxy, and as DHCP server.

o   Centralised view of all configuration objects.

o   Ability to bulk edit device properties.

o   Ability to schedule firmware upgrade.

o   Command Line Interface (CLI) access to Extreme devices.

o   Active directory/LDAP.

o   IPv6 support.

o   Syslog and SNMP server configuration.

o   Auto-provisioning.

o   Configuration audit, backup, restore, import, and export.

o   Support for Extreme VPN gateway (VG-VA).

o   Multi-tenant capability: supports multiple virtual organisations.

In a nutshell, Extreme Cloud IQ management of LAN networks and Wi-Fi networks can help organisations improve network security, performance, reduce costs, and improve the overall user experience for employees, customers, and partners.

“Duxbury Networking will be holding events in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban where we will introduce customers to the features and benefits of Extreme IQ. Interested parties can contact us on or call us on +27 (0) 11 351 9800 for more information on these events,” says Paul Stuttard, CEO, Cape, at Duxbury Networking — local distributors for Extreme Networks technology. 

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